Notes from FIND Donors

We hear this all the time. “If I had more, I would give more.

Pete, a FIND Food Bank Donor





April 2015 Note from Dan

“I used to teach at Oasis Elementary School…I know first hand about the difficultly that the kids and their families have in getting needed services, including grocery stores. I made the long drives to get food during the summers, making sure refrigerated goods, milk and produce got home safely. Thanks for including the remoter parts of our desert!

Dan, a FIND Food Bank Donor



April 2015 Letter from Anonymous donor

 “ I can only send $15.00. You see I am 90 years old I live on my Social Security. I pay Rent, Gas, Edison, Water. I have nobody… my daughters were born 2½ years apart and that’s the way they died. My husband died…I Thank the Lord I have Gina My Grand Daughter.”

Anonymous, a FIND Food Bank Donor

April 2015 note from Bruce“Enclosed please find my pledged amount for April. Were were in Brazil during Holy Week and saw many poor people. It reminded me of the work you are doing to feed those in need. Thank you.

Bruce, a FIND Food Bank Monthly Donor