Hunger Action Month


September is #HungerActionMonth when Feeding America food banks and our supporters across the U.S. stand together to fight hunger. FIND will raise awareness by sharing resources, showcasing community involvement, and displaying orange, the symbolic color of hunger relief, across the Desert Region with help from our hunger-fighting cities and community leaders.

The Desert Glows Orange for Hunger Awareness

Orange is the color of hunger awareness because it stands out and grabs your attention when the problems associated with hunger do not. Food insecurity is too often a silent problem that is hidden amongst our neighbors and friends.

During this particularly tough time, FIND drew on the strength of our community leaders to display our unified efforts to end hunger in our Desert Region. This act symbolizes the hunger that is all around us, yet FIND Food Bank is also there to provide food assistance with a helping hand from our city’s leaders and community members.

Lighting our cities orange during September and having eight of our Coachella Valley Mayors call out the problems associated with hunger reminds our residents to get educated and involved in fighting hunger!

KESQ Highlights FIND Food Bank and Our Desert Cities Joining Together for Hunger Awareness

When our nation faces a health crisis that continues to worsen the current hunger crisis, we must draw on our community’s strength to find resilient solutions together.

Food insecurity is pervasive; it affects individuals and families everywhere and is not limited to extreme poverty. When hunger is often an invisible problem, Hunger Action Month is the opportunity to bring visibility to an issue that touches so many lives. Let’s wear our orange proudly and spread the word!

Hunger Action Day, September 10


1. Attend a volunteer orientation to learn more about our safety guidelines and our work to end hunger. Click here to sign up to distribute food at our free mobile markets or help in our warehouse in Indio, CA.


2. Click here to go to our donations page to make a direct cash donation. You can also donate food, specifically shelf-stable proteins, at our warehouse. We love creamy peanut butter, canned tuna, canned chicken, etc.


3. Educate yourself on the current hunger crisis and the growing number of people who are food insecure. There are resources to get you started on our website, visit our FIND Facts Page, and we will share some fast-facts throughout September to help you become a true #HungerFighter!


4. Make sure you and your neighbors have filled out the U.S. Census. It takes 10 minutes to determine the next 10 years of funding in our community. The #2020Census helps us determine who in our community is food insecure so we know who needs our services and everyone is fed. Visit

Happy Hunger Action Month everyone! We hope you will join us to do our part to end hunger today, work to end hunger for tomorrow, and eventually break the cycle of poverty to end hunger in our community for good.