Mobile Markets

FIND Food Bank’s Community Mobile Market Distributions help us reach “Food Deserts”: remote, or impacted underserved communities that lack regular access to affordable food.  These Community Mobile Markets also help ensure that there is free equitable food access to all food insecure people in our service area.

FIND’s Mobile Markets distribute free healthy foods, including Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, to support the creation of healthy meals for individuals and families who qualify for services.  Utilizing the USDA My Plate recommended servings for a balanced diet of Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Dairy and Grains, our Free Community Mobile Markets offer a variety of choices from each of these categories that allow families and individuals the ability to customize their selections based on their cultural, religious and dietary needs.

Serving our most vulnerable, food insecure populations with dignity, respect, understanding and compassion are FIND’s way of saying they care for all.

FIND has 44 Community Mobile Market Distributions throughout the Desert. For a complete list of Community Mobile Markets and other food distribution sites, click the link below:

Click Here for the complete Dates and Times of our Community Mobile Market free food distributions