FIND Food Bank offers the following program services for hungry and food-insecure residents of eastern Riverside and southern San Bernardino Counties:

Food Distributions, Days & Times

Sites in Red indicate time changes. Diapers will be available at all sites with the diaper icon.

Las distribuciones en rojo indican tiempos de distribución más cortos. También puede recoger pañales para bebés gratis en los sitios con el ícono del pañal.

Disclaimer / Notice:
Distribution times and locations are the responsibility of the hosting agency, independent of FIND, are subject to change, and are often offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please call the agency ahead of time to confirm the following distribution information and to learn about any eligibility requirements they may have.

We appreciate your help in letting us know if any of the following distribution information is inaccurate; we do our best to have the most current information available on our website, but again, distribution times and locations are subject to change at the discretion of our agency partners.

You can reach FIND Food Bank at 760-775-FOOD (3663) for more information.

Noticias, Por Favor:
Horarios de sistribución y lugares son la responsabilidad de la agencia, independientemente de FIND, están sujetas a cambios y se ofrecen sobre una base del que primero llegue, primero es servido. Por favor llame a la agencia antes de tiempo para confirmar la siguiente información de distribución y para aprender acerca de los requisitos que pueden tener para ser elegidos.

Les agradecemos su ayuda para dejarnos saber si alguno de la siguiente distribución información es exacto; hacemos nuestro mejor esfuerzo para tener la información más reciente disponible en nuestro sitio, pero una vez más, lugares y tiempos de distribución están sujetos a cambios a discreción de nuestras agencias.

Por favor de llamar a FIND Food Bank, 760-775-3663, para más información.

CalFresh Outreach

The CalFresh Program — formerly known as Food Stamps and also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) — provides resources for people and families in need so they can shop for groceries using an EBT card (like a debit card). CalFresh is designed to help families buy more healthy, nutritious food for themselves.

FIND Food Bank has a CalFresh Outreach & Case Management Program to help connect people and families who are food-insecure to additional resources for their household.

Please call FIND at 888-449-0613 for more information.

Mobile Markets

FIND Food Bank’s Mobile Market Distributions help us reach “Food Deserts”: remote, underserved communities that lack regular access to affordable food.  These Mobile Markets also help ensure that there is equitable food access to all people in our service area.

FIND’s Mobile Markets distribute free healthy foods, including Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, to support the creation of healthy meals for individuals and families who qualify for services.  Utilizing the USDA My Plate recommended servings for a balanced diet of Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Dairy, and Grains, and our Free Mobile Markets offer a variety of choices from each of these categories that allow families and individuals the ability to customize their selections based on their cultural, religious and dietary needs.

Serving our most vulnerable, food-insecure populations with dignity, respect, understanding, and compassion is FIND’s way of saying they care for all.

Kids’ Summer Feeding Program

During the summer, schoolchildren who usually access our national free and reduced-price school meal program don’t have the same access to these meals, which puts a greater burden on their families to keep everyone fed. That’s when FIND’s Kids’ Summer Feeding Program goes to work.

Our program grew even more in 2015, as we worked with Palm Springs Unified School District and community-based partners in the unincorporated area of Thousand Palms to bring summer meals to neighborhood families who otherwise had no access to school-sponsored meals.

FIND Food Bank works with our partners to determine summer program needs that help them reach as many young people as possible. And we try to reach not only those kids who are able to participate in summer programs but also siblings left at home — on the weekends, we send extra food home for others living there, which helps bridge the nutrition gap for another weekend.

Pet Supplies

FIND receives limited donations of pet supplies like cat and dog food that we distribute to agency partners. The agencies then distribute the supplies directly to clients in need. If you are struggling financially and need help acquiring goods for your pets, check out the directory at that can help connect you to the resources your pet needs.