FIND Food Ambassador

Thanks for joining FIND’s online family and stepping up to spread the word on hunger in our community. Your actions will spread awareness, encourage engagement, and hopefully get more people involved in the fight to end hunger. Remember, every action counts!

Complete at least 5 of the Actions listed below to receive verifiable service hours. Be sure to use the hashtag #FINDFoodAmbassador every time you post!

  1. Introduce yourself in a post as a “FIND Food Social Media Ambassador” with a link to
  2. Comment or share a post from one of FIND’s social media accounts.
  3. Visit a local farmers market and share a photo of produce and a fun fact about the importance of eating healthy. Remind your followers that the Certified Farmers Market offers a program that allows customers with CalFresh EBT cards who spend $10 at the market get another $10 to buy more nutritious food! Learn more under the SNAP/Calfresh EBT Market Match program on this page on their website:
  4. Over 150,000 people seek food assistance in the desert through FIND, and Feeding America projects 1 in 5 people in our service area are experiencing food insecurity. Make a post to share this statistic.
  5. Snap a selfie wearing some orange gear. Orange is the color of hunger awareness because it brings attention to an often hidden issue. Tag three friends and challenge them to do the same!
  6. Browse these facts and post one that surprises you. Encourage discussion with your followers.
  7. Advocate for CalFresh & healthy living! Share why you support the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and tag your government representatives. Look through our SNAP Facts to learn more and advocate for the largest hunger relief program in the country!
  8. Share a recipe with a food item that is distributed at FIND’s mobile markets.
  9. Post or share FIND Food Bank’s monthly mobile market calendar so your neighbors always know where to find their next meal. Include a link to our FIND Food page to show where our partner agencies also distribute food throughout the Coachella Valley.
  10. Snap a photo at an in-person volunteer event and share it on your social media. Write about your experience: what you did, how it felt, and/or why it is important to volunteer.
  11. Share an interesting quote from an article you read about food insecurity. It could be new information you hadn’t heard before from a credited source. Reach out if you’re not sure it is a credible source! Elaborate on why it is important, new, or cool information.
  12. Add a link to FIND’s website in your social media bio and place #FINDFoodAmbassador with a message about fighting food insecurity in the desert or just the hashtag!

Email us screenshots of your actions to get credit for your volunteer service. Include the number of the action and your username or handle. Don’t forget, each post must include #FINDFoodAmbassador!

6 actions = 2 service hours
All 12 actions = 4 service hours