Statement on Equity

As the regional food bank serving our desert community, equity for all people is at the forefront of everything FIND Food Bank does and who we are as an organization.

Our movement in hunger relief is grounded by a true spirit of breaking cycles of poverty in our communities by ensuring people of all colors have equitable access to healthy food, whether they are able to afford it or not. 

Through this work, we know and understand that healing food insecurity provides the necessary support for people to thrive in other areas such as education, health, workforce development and housing, which are needed to achieve self-sufficiency and further equality for all.

Our thoughts are with all people in our community, our state, our country and the world who join us in these principles of fairness, and who believe that equality, like hunger, is not political, but a right for all people. We stand with you.  – Debbie EspinosaPresident & CEO