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Your Story Can Make A Difference

We need your help to tell the story of hunger in the Coachella Valley and the effect it has on our community. Your story can help change the way people look at hunger and motivate them to join the fight. We use stories to inspire volunteers and donors, promote our mission, and to demonstrate the effect we can have in changing our Valley.

“This [$20] is as much as I am able to give at this time. I am on a fixed income, but at least for now I have a roof over my head and food in the pantry. God continues to bless me; may he continue to bless you!” 

Here are some ideas to get you started:
1. What are your efforts to fight hunger and help your neighbors in need?
2. Have you had to seek assistance at a local food bank or food pantry?
3. Do you see children or families in your neighborhood who are at risk of hunger?

Your Stories Inspire us to do more, 
Submit your story to 

Zackery Musselman
Volunteer Coordinator
FIND Food Bank
(760) 775 – 3663 Ext. 107

We take the utmost care in using your stories, keeping them anonymous, unless otherwise instructed.