Giving Society

Each year, we face the challenge of raising sufficient funds to keep pace with the growing needs of our community. Each month since the coronavirus pandemic began, approximately 150,000+ children, working families, and seniors face hunger. Giving Society was created to help ease some of this financial pressure – and the constant worry that comes with it. Many of our donors make continued yearly contributions– for which we are incredibly grateful. With a slight change to your annual pledge, we are inviting you to consider becoming a member of our Giving Society by making a pledge for a period of five years at one of the three giving level options.

How to Get Involved

FIND’s Giving Society recognizes the commitment and support of FIND Food Bank’s most generous and community-minded investors. Members take a leadership role by making a multi-year financial commitment to support FIND’s work. Members make a minimum annual donation of $1,000 each year for five years. Pledge payments can be made annually, quarterly, or monthly. Members may also designate their contribution from Donor Designated Funds.

Join Giving Society by clicking this link and filling out the pledge card!

We hope you will consider becoming an important member of our Giving Society. To receive more information about the Giving Society and our annual Giving Breakfast please contact Matthew Williams at 760.775.3663 ext 115.

Matthew Williams
Associate Director of Development

760-775-3663 ext 115