FIND in the Community

From getting food to hungry people and advocating for those who are food-insecure, to picking up donated food from across the Coachella Valley and participating in more than 200 community-based events each year, FIND Food Bank is YOUR community food bank!

We are the hub of a network of 100 community-based programs that  distribute 8–9 million pounds of food assistance annually to an average 90,000 people each month across our eastern Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in southern California.

We have programs that connect people to emergency food assistance, as well as connect them to resources that will improve individual and household self-sufficiency. We are committed to providing the most nutritious food assistance possible, including a glorious bounty of fresh produce!

The work of FIND Food Bank is supported by our very generous donors, numerous corporate sponsors, and a combination of local, regional, national, private, and public funding; we are a registered, California nonprofit organization founded in 1983.

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We encourage you to look around and learn more about the quiet but harmful epidemic of hunger in our communities.

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