Easy Ways to Fight Hunger

The Great American Milk Drive!


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MILK is one of the most critical items a food bank needs for our clients, but less than 5% of all donations to Feeding America food banks are dairy products.

So the National Dairy Council and Feeding America partnering for a first-ever campaign to increase donations of milk to the food banking system. Here’s how you can help:

Consumers aren’t donating actual milk to food banks; consumer donations to milklife.com/give will fund milk coupons, which are designated by zip code of donor to go to the regional food bank serving that area. Coupons are distributed to clients, who can redeem the coupons for any type of white milk.

 Thank You!

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Every time you enter the food you are thinking of eating, you can choose a suggested “tweek” that removes calories, and foodtweeks™ will double those calories in a donation to FIND Food Bank to help us end hunger here in our community.

You can do it as many times as you like – each tweek will trigger a donation.

And if you share your tweek on Twitter or Facebook, foodtweeks™ will double or even triple the donation to FIND Food Bank.

Nearly 50 million Americans know hunger
— JOIN THE FIGHT so they don’t have to.