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FIND's Giving Society

It’s the season of giving, but one local group makes giving a priority 365 days a year. FIND Food Bank’s Giving Society makes monthly donations to stabilize FIND’s budget to make sure they can fund programs like school farmers’¬†markets over multiple years.

An early morning breakfast at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort and Spa brought together current and prospective donors to expand the program.

¬†“This whole program is about coming together and saying we believe that if we invest in these kids and give them access to healthy fruits and vegetables that they need to grow and thrive, they can break the cycle of poverty. They can go out and get educated, and they can become part of society,” said Lisa Houston, FIND CEO and president.
If you are interested in becoming a member of the Giving Society, contact Barbara Ben-David at FIND by email ( or by phone (760) 775-3663.